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Divorce Mortgages (CDPL)

Navigating mortgages during divorce? As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) we are here to assist. We specialize in providing mortgage solutions tailored to the unique needs of divorcing individuals. Trust our expertise in handling complex financial situations and ensuring a smooth transition to the next chapter of your life.


A staggering 70% of divorces involve real estate, often the most significant shared asset, underscoring the importance of expert guidance during this pivotal phase of personal and financial transition. With the complexity encompassing family law, financial planning, taxes, real property, and mortgages, couples in divorce require a comprehensive approach.

Throughout divorce, both parties may hold differing visions of the outcome, while certain aspects align. For instance, the marital home, bearing emotional weight, might possess heightened value. Divorce Mortgage Planning integrates tailored strategies and solutions, executed post-divorce, ensuring a seamless transition.

Navigating scenarios where one spouse seeks to retain the marital home or both opt for new primary residences post-sale necessitates careful strategy. Mortgage approval can be challenging in the wake of divorce, potentially impacting both spouses. A Certified Divorce Lending Professional collaborates closely with the divorce team, seamlessly incorporating divorce mortgage planning into the process, driven by a profound grasp of family law, finance, taxes, real property, and mortgages.

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“Kieth Hobart and his team are very helpful and professional, they always working for me!”

– Gary B.

What makes Hobart the best partner for divorce mortgages?

Experience unparalleled support with The Hobart Team, your premier partner for Divorce Mortgage solutions (CDLP). Our in-depth knowledge of divorce-related mortgage intricacies, combined with personalized service, sets us apart. We provide transparent guidance, tailored solutions, and streamlined processes to ensure a smooth journey through divorce mortgage planning.

Rely on us to navigate complexities, secure favorable terms, and assist in simplifying your transition during divorce. With The Hobart Team, Divorce Mortgage solutions become a strategic pathway to easing financial challenges and facilitating a smoother separation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP)?

A Certified Divorce Lending Professional is a specialized mortgage expert with in-depth knowledge of the intersection between divorce, real estate, and mortgage planning. CDLPs work alongside divorce professionals to provide strategic mortgage solutions tailored to individuals navigating the complexities of divorce.

How can a CDLP assist individuals going through a divorce?

CDLPs provide invaluable support by offering mortgage solutions aligned with the unique financial challenges of divorce. They assist in crafting strategies for refinancing, purchasing new homes, or managing existing properties, all while ensuring that mortgage decisions dovetail with the overall divorce settlement.

Why is working with a CDLP important during a divorce?

A CDLP’s expertise ensures that mortgage decisions made during divorce proceedings are well-informed and strategically aligned with each individual’s post-divorce goals. By coordinating closely with legal and financial professionals, CDLPs help divorcing individuals make informed choices that contribute to smoother transitions and more stable financial futures.

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